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Beating the Winter Blahs

Cold. Grey. Dry. Those words don't just describe winter weather, but also how you sometimes feel when spring is still many months away. How do you keep your energy and spirits up throughout a long, harsh winter?

Declutter: Get a jump on spring cleaning. Clean out your closets and re-organize; it feels good to give to the people who need it. Let the Fresh Air In: On the few days that the mercury rises near or about zero, open a window to let in some fresh outside air. Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Enjoy the season by stepping outside for a walk into the winter woods. Things look and sound different under a blanket of powdery snow: quiet, calm and crisp. Condition Your Body for Winter Activities Whether racing down ski hills, gliding on frozen ponds, or shoveling snow, winter activities require your muscles to stretch and work in ways that your body has grown unaccustomed to during warmer parts of the year. Increased and unusual workload can cause a burning sensation and soreness that lasts long after the event, and it is not uncommon to experience a delayed onset of pain and tenderness following winter activities.

We often advise patients of home care exercises and stretches that can help improve mobility and reduce pain so that the therapeutic effect extends beyond your osteopathic treatment and into your day to day activities.

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